Tower Up to 57 feet!

The Rohn 25 VHF/UHF tower has been sitting at 37 feet for a while as I build the station up. My Son had a chance to come out and help get it to the 57′ mark this weekend. So now with the hazer and the 24′ two inch mast the 1296 yagi should be sitting at the 80 foot mark with each band dropping down a little more till the 6 Meter yagi at bottom. When done I should be on 5 bands and ready for June 2019 VHF Contest…. I hope........

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VHF 48 Volt Power SUpply

SSPA 48 Volt 44 Amp Power Supply This page should document the build of a 6M/50Mhz kilowatt SSPA Harris amp. The plan is to build a cabinet out of a metal File cabinet on wheels that looks nice and clean to house a single PSU for all of the SSPA amps in the works. But first to get a 6M amp built and running. I have tube HF and 2M amps now, but will be upgrading to SSPA amps for all the bands to get full legal limits on all bands.  While......

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