ARRL June VHF Contest 2019

I’ll be operating from EM23jd the whole contest with no sleep and 2 coffee pots going. I have spent the last 4 months rebuilding the whole antenna/tower system and fine tuning it with new LDF5 feed lines and flat SWR on all bands. I’ll be working 4 bands ( 50/144/432/1296) instead of 5. The 222 Transverter decided it wanted to give up during testing this week so I lost a band and can not get a replacement in time. I only know of 2 Hams that work contest periodically from EM23 and......

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2M18XXX, 144-146 MHz

Well the 2 Meter 2M18XXX yagi from M2 is assembled and ready to be put on the tower when it’s finished.. My last station had the 2M5WL and this thing is even larger.. Talk about a well build and massive antenna.. Can’t wait for the tower to be ready and have this mounted.. Next to assemble is the 432 Mhz 432-13WLA. Below is the 2M18XXX laying next to the Cushcraft A50-5S. When complete with all of the antennas, I’ll have all bands 50Mhz to 1296 Mhz.  ...

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