ARRL June VHF Contest 2019

I’ll be operating from EM23jd the whole contest with no sleep and 2 coffee pots going. I have spent the last 4 months rebuilding the whole antenna/tower system and fine tuning it with new LDF5 feed lines and flat SWR on all bands. I’ll be working 4 bands ( 50/144/432/1296) instead of 5. The 222 Transverter decided it wanted to give up during testing this week so I lost a band and can not get a replacement in time.
I only know of 2 Hams that work contest periodically from EM23 and most run single band IF they operate. If you need a multiplier watch for me or send me a sched request and we’ll make it happen for any band or mode.

I rotate the beams by the clock when calling CQ
00:00 – North
00:15 – East
00:30 – South
00:45 – West

Good on QRZ or send me a message. Will also be on PJ chat. email also

6M: 5ele @ 65 ft 100W
2M: M2-18XXX @ 70ft 1KW
432: M2-432-13WL @ 75ft 100W
1296:M2-23CM35 @ 80ft 50W
Loops for monitoring 6M @ 45feet 2X2M @ 40ft

See you on the air I hope! N5ITO / EM23