6 Meter Harris 1KW Amp project

SSPA 48 Volt 44 Amp Power Supply

This page should document the build of a 6M/50Mhz kilowatt SSPA Harris amp. The plan is to build a cabinet out of a metal File cabinet on wheels that looks nice and clean to house a single PSU for all of the SSPA amps in the works. But first to get a 6M amp built and running. I have tube HF and 2M amps now, but will be upgrading to SSPA amps for all the bands to get full legal limits on all bands.  While most people using the SSPA Harris and Larcan amps use the HP PSUs. The HP server power supplies work well, but have high fan noise, and are pretty bad EMI generators. You must take extra measures to reduce the EMI emissions. On EME, even one or two dB of extra noise is not acceptable.

From N5TM’s page I found this information and asked a few questions. Then off to eBay I went. The RKW 15-22K is adjustable from 10 to 18V and delivers 22A. These power supplies are designed to be run in parallel with provisions for master/slave and current balance. So with a pair you have 44A. If you put three pairs of these in series you have 53V at 44A. These Kepco RKW power supplies are extremely well made and meet the very strict EU emissions requirements. No noise emissions from the new power supplies for the SSPA.

I found them on eBay and I bought six of them for $37 each.

And it begins..


Kepco/TDK RKW 15-22KKepco/TDK RKW 15-22KKepco/TDK RKW 15-22KKepco/TDK RKW 15-22KKepco/TDK RKW 15-22KVHF 48 Volt Power SUpply



Henry Tempo 2002 2 Meter Amp

Latest to to hit the shack ! A MINT Henry Tempo 2002 .
Sure makes 2M MS much more enjoyable!


Power Input: 2000 Watts (1000 watts for CW and FM)
Output Power: 1000 SSB, 500 Watts FM/CW
Freq Range: 144 – 148 Mhz
Drive Power Required : 50-100 Watts
Tubes: Eimac 8874 grounded grid




Henry Tempo 2002 Henry Tempo 2002 Henry Tempo 2002 Henry Tempo 2002 Henry Tempo 2002 Henry Tempo 2002 Henry Tempo 2002 Henry Tempo 2002