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Amateur Radio Station N5ITO

Operating SSB – MS – EME – FM on VHF/UHF
HF when bored and no band openings

6M - 50Mhz

SSB / FSK144 / FT8 / JT65B / CW

2M - 144Mhz

SSB / FSK144 / FT8 / JT65B / CW

UHF - 432-222-1296

SSB / FSK144 / FT8 / JT65B / CW

HF 1.6-30Mhz

SSB / FT8 / CW

I started into Ham radio back 1978 and obtained the call KA9JLU in LaCrosse Wisconsin when I was 13 years old. I had various rigs back then. I was really interested in the old tube radios. Over time I have had in my possession several Johnson transmitters such as the Ranger, Valiant, Ranger II, A Knight T-150, Several Hallicrafter rigs including an HT-32B with matching SX-101A. And the list goes on. To many to remember. The one radio I did own and worked the most was a Yaesu FT-101EX. Out of all the radio’s this one rig stayed with me the longest and was used the most. By today’s standards it wasn’t anything great. But in it’s time is was one of the most stable and respected radios. Having solid state receive and Tube finals gave the radio lots of nice options and was able to work just about anywhere you wanted. It was a solid piece of equipment. Even today the FT-101 series radio is being used by thousands of Hams on the air now. It had one of the best AM signals there was. Browse the pages for the history of N5ITO and lots of information on Ham radio and the challenges you can have.  A lot has changed over the years and new things are coming. Updates and information can be found here as it happens and I find the time to post it.